Mass. high court: Police don’t need warrant to view cellphone call list after arrest

Mass. high court: Police don’t need warrant to view cellphone call list after arrest

By John R. Ellement, Globe Staff

The state’s highest court ruled today that police in Massachusetts do not necessarily need a search warrant to look at the call list of a person’s cellphone when searching personal property following an arrest.

But in two rulings involving the arrest of suspected drug dealers by Boston police, a unanimous Supreme Judicial Court said it would decide at another time whether people had constitutional rights to privacy for other cellphone contents, such as texts and e-mails.

“Today’s cellular telephones are essentially computers, capable of storing enormous quantities of information, personal, private, and otherwise, in many different forms,’’ Justice Margot Botsford wrote for the court.

Botsford wrote that the court was leaving “open for another day questions concerning whether, when a cellular telephone is validly seized incident to arrest, it may always, or at least generally, be searched without a warrant, and, if so, the permissible extent of such a search.”

It was the first time the court had addressed the issue of the privacy of cellphone contents. The issue is being scrutinized by other courts across the country.

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Handcuffed high school student shoots self in back of police car

Handcuffed high school student shoots self in back of police car

By NBC News staff

A handcuffed Houston-area high school student shot himself in the head Wednesday while in the back of a police car, officials said.

The student was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital. His condition was not released, but officials said he was conscious and breathing when he was transported, reported.

No one else was hurt.

The incident began when police were called to North Shore Senior High School in unincorporated Harris County to investigate a report of a student with a firearm, said Capt. Jon Moore with the Harris County Constable Precinct 3.

The student was searched, handcuffed behind his back and placed in the back of a patrol car but apparently still had a gun, Moore said.

The student then shot himself, Galena Park Independent School District officials said.

District spokesman Jonathan Frey gave the following account:

This morning at North Shore Senior High School, a student was arrested. He was searched, handcuffed, and placed in the back of a police car. While in the car, the student retrieved a hidden gun and shot himself. Paramedics were called and quickly arrived on scene. He was transported to the hospital still conscious when he left. His family accompanied him to the hospital.

Students at North Shore Senior High School remain safe. Counselors are available for students as needed.

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Product Review: CRKT 2020 AG Russell Sting Boot Knife

Product Review: CRKT 2020 AG Russell Sting Boot Knife

Many of you out there may be looking for a good duty boot knife. I have looked at several popular options and will be doing a review on the CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) 2020 Sting Boot Knife.


CRKT states that:

“The AG Russell Sting made by Columbia River Knife and Tool is a fixed 1050 HRC 54-55 carbon steel 3.2-inch stainless steel blade. Complete with a custom Cordura Zytel sheath, this is a multipurpose, one-piece utility knife that is just about indestructible.”


Initial Opinions-

The Knife- I liked the feel of the knife. It is a good weight in the hand and the blade is very stiff, I couldn’t bend it at all when cutting or pressing the point into objects. The blade appeared evenly finished. One thing that I initially noticed is that the grip is rather slick. I have sweaty hands and this is one of the large downsides of the knife to me. The grip is the same steel that the blade is made of and there is no rubber or coated covering on the handle. I thought it may be useful to spray the handle with some of the grip solution found at hardware stores but have not gone through the hassle of doing such.

The grip is a large downside for me, after playing with a Gerber Guardian Backup, I realized how much better I liked a knife with a better grip. It may be important to consider that in its position as a boot knife, the handle may be subjected to rain, water, and the overall nastiness generally encountered by a patrol officer.

The Sheath-  I really liked the sheath on this knife. There is no adjustable retention on the sheath but the knife is held in very well. I attached it to my boot and stopped my feet, ran a lap around the yard and did some high knee exercises. The knife never came out of the sheath and was held in very securely. The sheath is nicely finished in a Cordura material that has held up in 4 months of daily usage

The sheath is a fabric material with two velcro straps on the back. It is very easy to attach the straps to a boot and you can tighten them securely so the item doesn’t move up and down. One could get creative with mounting options if they choose to remove the straps and use other mounting devices.


Overall I thought the knife was worth the purchase price of roughly 35 dollars on amazon. I may end up buying another brand due to the lack of grip on the knife’s handle. This was the only real downside to the knife that I have found thus far. The Gerber Guardian had a more natural feel in my hand and the grip was great in my sweaty palms. The benefit of the CRKT in my opinion is a better sheath than the one included with the  Gerber model.